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Pow R Jet 6309 fogger from Fogmaster

Pow R Jet 6309 fogger from Fogmaster The Pow R Jet 6309 fogger from Fogmaster controls flow and droplet size with a No.0700 precision flow restrictor not a valve so output and fog distribution are identical every time. Once you select the chemical formulation and restrictor size the only variable is run time. This makes the Pow R Jet 6309 fogger appropriate for protocol based treatments such as sanitation or disinfection. As an example infection control or quality control specialists may establish application parameters for a room but operating or maintenance personnel do the actual work. In this situation the Pow R Jet 6309 fogger lets you lock down most important variables. Treatment instructions need specify only fogging duration for uniform results. Maximum output rate is 8 to 10 ounces per minute which produces a heavy wet fog with droplets that settle quickly. The minimum output is 0.1 ounce per minute using a No.6 restrictor. This delivers ultra fine droplets so small they can not be seen without directional lighting. In between these extremes you can choose the flow rate and droplet size appropriate for your appliciation. A Tech Note contains data on available restrictor sizes and flow rates. The Pow R Jet 6309 fogger can atomize either water or oil based solutions. The Pow R Jet 6309 fogger has a 1 HP motor using 110 to 120 Volt AC power drawing 7 amps or 220 to 240 Volt AC power drawing 3.5 amps. Chemical tank size is 1 gallon. Dimensions are 15.4 inches high x 10.4 inches length x 8.6 inches diameter. Weight is 121 pounds. Discounts for 5 or more Pow R Jet 6309 fogger from Fogmaster. Discounts will show when ordering.
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